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Commercial Photography

I love working with outdoor brands and company's that share my commitment to  environmental sustainability, conservation and stewardship. My ideal client cares more about doing business ethically and sustainability than profit as the bottom line. Their products and services promote inclusivity and empower individuals to explore and fall in love with the outdoors.

In the past I have worked with Revant Optics and Sunny Cove Kayaking in Seward, Alaska. I am currently working with Stio, an outdoor apparel brand, and viral TikTok and Instagram personality Bigfoot Bae. 

If you have questions or would like to discuss working together, click below.

R-220619 WA Packwood 19.jpg
R-221014-WA North Cascades 112.jpg
R-210321-WA Alpental and Vantage33.jpg
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